Mission & Vision


Our vision is to enable and empower middle school students by providing them necessary resources to take on the syllabus and life beyond it. Our business idea is based on providing the missing linkages with a series of well-coordinated interventions based on their specific interest areas.


To provide educational support that students love, parents support, teachers recommend and schools find useful.

What to bear in mind before using The Tyques

  • The Tyques is a beta version to put in place the links that currently are quite tenuous between the various stakeholders in a student’s education. Geared towards middle school students and above, it intends to build communities around specific interest areas
  • The website intends to generate conversation both in the classrooms and at the dinner table on recent events which link to the school studies
  • Some of the content on the website may seem a lot more complicated than what your child is ready for.. The idea is to seed complex thoughts. It is not entirely necessary that they understand complex concepts at first brush
  • We believe in interdisciplinary learning. And, therefore, we have no bias towards certain subjects such as maths or science, or indeed away from them. We believe a strong foundation of well-rounded education at the school level is useful in all careers
  • The new 21st century world of life and career is neither certain nor predictable. Skills may become obsolete and jobs may disappear but what remains useful in such a world is the ability to constantly learn. We like to foster learning how to learn

If this is your philosophy towards life and learning, then join us on an incredible journey.

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