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About TheTyques!

The Tyques takes its inspiration from the mischievous kids who are often known as the tykes. The spelling has been modified to include ques, short for ‘questions’ because that is what naughty kids often ask in great quantities. Questions are what we love, because they represent an active and engaged mind. And we value these question-asking bright children – The Tyques. Incidentally, the pronunciation of tyques rhymes with likes.

Behind this initiative are a group of people who come from diverse background in education, media and corporate India. What binds them together is the common belief that high quality learning is the one key to a happy and successful life.

They are advised by a group of aware and engaged parents. On issues related to academics and pedagogy they have the benefit of guidance from a group of seasoned school administrators and teachers.

The Tyques aims to achieve its goals of bringing joy into learning by uniting students on the basis of similar interests. Currently, it does so linking syllabus-based topics for middle school students with current events and happenings.

Another way the site attempts to function is to build communities of common interests through innovative and fun online competitions. We will continue to add new kinds of competitions for these student communities.

This initiative is also a nascent, albeit ambitious attempt to align the interests of the students, parents, teachers and school administrators.

Note: All the pictures on the website have been acquired through proper process. Most of the pictures are from www.123RF.com. Others have been sourced from individual photographers through proper approval. In case, a visitor notices anything to the contrary, please do inform us. We take such issues very seriously.

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